I hail from a small town in Kerala, India - Ottapalam.

Since school, I have loved writing, trying my hands on long essays, poetry, and short stories.

I started my career as a programmer in 2008, working for consultancies and startups.

In 2015, I took a break from job and started a digital magazine - Crazy Window. After running the business for nearly two years, I couldn’t make it profitable and had to shut down.

Later I took a job assignment in the USA and have since worked in the retail and cable industries, helping their technology department build and scale backend applications.

Once again, burdened with repeated and mundane tasks at work, I decided to pursue my passion for writing and building applications as a side hustle. Eventually, this gave me room to feed my creativity and helped me start a solo business.

I still take programming jobs that interest me on a contract basis.

Apart from our careers, My husband and I love to hike, travel and explore places. We have been to 5 countries and have climbed mountains on three continents on a well-planned budget trip, and we wish to travel the world by adopting a 100% remote work lifestyle.

I have an Engineering degree in Information Technology and an executive program certification in Design Thinking & Innovation.

Don't hesitate to contact me if you need help with copywriting and technical content writing. I would love to discuss the work with you.